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Jack Sliwa- Technologist  02/07/21

 Reason(s) For No Blatant Direct ET Contact Yet         SPECULATION-Presently Unprovable

    There are hundreds if not thousands of UAP/UFO sightings wherein it appears that the UAP on which the witness is focused knows telepathically what the human observer is thinking and/or feeling. By "UAP" here I mean the UAP pilot(s) or crew but also a UAP which itself may be an intelligent machine with or without a earth-local bodily crew.

   We have heard many explanations over the decades as to reason(s) for non-contact. It appears to me that with the increasingly blatant in-your-face triangle sightings that any argument that those ETs (or remote originators of those triangular craft) don't want us to be aware of their probable presence is baseless. 

   Remaining then is the question of why no face-to-face contact. Obviously the triangle ETs (and most UAPs) are very curious in our civilizations and behaviors and simply don't care that we know they are frequently (if not constantly) here. That does not mean they won't avoid perceived danger to themselves.

   I think that if ETs are seriously interested in our survival and cultural growth that they would provide indications of such to us-and why not in face-to-face form? In fact they could provide strong incentives and disincentives for our behavior improvement if they wanted to. There must be another factor at work

   It will be argued by some, including myself, that there are many ET direct-contact cases wherein human witnesses "received" nonverbal telepathic messages along the lines of "you need to better care for your planet" OR "don't be afraid, we mean no harm to you" Those may indeed be real communications-I think they are-at-least the ones that aren't contactee hoaxes that is.

   However such extremely limited and selective telepathic events don't substantially introduce us to the ETs nor convince the majority of we humans that these events really occurred-despite such well-documented extended schoolyard events with as many as 70 witnesses interpreting these nonverbal messages in this specific guiding manner (Zimbabwe school yard case). It makes sense that even for those limited events the ETs would select impressionable and open-minded youths.

  The logical argument that ETs have a rule-"don't interfere with humans-period" seems very weak in view of blatant triangle/boomerang UAP behavior and in view of prior "flying saucer" sightings and contact events. It seems to me that "human-like" evolution has been witnessed among the countless galaxies by UAP crews for a very very long time. Unless they are concerned about galactic overpopulation (of space-faring human types among others) why don't they incentivize us to aspire to the best possible behavior in a face-to-face manner? If ETs wanted to they could eliminate us via biological means without destroying our infrastructure or environment for decades or centuries. They have not.

  It occurred to me while pondering these questions that if ETs indeed can and do communicate telepathically (whether or not they also communicate verbally or visually), that humans, in general, would be quite uncomfortable with beings that literally "read" their minds (if not even manipulate their minds for human-perceived good or bad). This would be particularly repugnant to people who value personal privacy which probably accounts for most humans despite what political system they live in or what they verbally or outwardly behaviorally exhibit or admit.

   So I propose here that ET's purported telepathic unavoidable evolved nature is the fundamental reason they do not make outward face-to-face contact in a mass-communication manner nor in any recordable manner. We simply could not live around them nor allow their physical presence presuming they are fully aware of our thinking. It is our issue-not theirs.

  Various UAP/UFO researchers in the past and present have argued that ET visitations are a kind of educational program for humans-and question the physical reality of their craft. Jacques Vallee' has been one well spoken and highly admired researcher (admired  by me as well) of this educational proposition.

   My adjustment-to but not rejection-of that line of thinking is simply as follows: a) ET is really visiting us physically (many extraterrestrial UAP craft are at-least temporarily physical)-not simply by some type of hologram projection. We are likely only one of such "primitive" civilizations that various ET's keep track of. It is routine. I am not disappointed in this explanation. b) Any education process would likely involve very long-term conditioning of humans-perhaps on a near-geological time scale (e.g. at-least ten thousand if not millions of years). It should be apparent that before any such process is complete that major changes in society and political structure would be necessary. These seem inconceivable to us now. 

  This idea is not easy to assimilate nor accept. Perhaps it is wrong. It is contrary to current human nature. It goes against private freedoms such as voting being personal. It goes against any plotting or scheming person who desires to take advantage of others in a myriad of ways. It is fundamentally incompatible with humanity as it is today. No society nor political system in existence could live with this today.

   So if there is an ET educational program for humans 101 we have a very long way to go. In the meantime ET's  can study us as a purely educational and historical matter. Hopefully what we see is not an assessment of humanity and earth's resources in support of some future takeover. We would probably not know. if that was the case  I personally hope ETs have the higher purpose of our long term survival, self-fulfillment and our eventual taking-on of similar evolved telepathic way of life-for all of humanity presuming telepathy is the unavoidable and advantageous evolutionary path.

   It does make sense that humans have thought for a long time that telepathic abilities may actually exist simply based on earthly events between humans. However I think it is agreed that Science has not yet proven this and there is no assurance that it will be proven among current-day evolved humans.

   Science is reliable-especially over longer periods-but it is mostly reactive to observations and must constantly update and/or refine its views. If telepathy is our evolved future Science will eventually recognize it-but perhaps only after it is already obvious.

  The day after writing the above I realized that I should mention that I hope and believe that ETs would have the well-being of humanity in mind in any interaction with us.


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