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Jack Sliwa- Technologist  04/03/21

 Humanoid Gliding Behavior         SPECULATION-Probably Strongly Relates to UAP Propulsion Question

   I have found that few UAP Researchers are familiar with the fact that there are numerous cases of UAP-related humanoids (or robotic beings) gliding over the ground anywhere from several inches above the ground to tens of feet above the ground. I will discuss two specific cases which are both well researched and illuminating as to how gliding might work.

  Before doing so I wish to mention that one main question I have regarding gliding is how this ability is powered-i.e. is the energy required to glide stored on the humanoids spacesuit/backpack or is the necessary energy beamed to the humanoid by a local UAP in real time.

  A few facts about gliding seem clear based on my reading of about 20 gliding mentions:


1) As many as 20 humanoids have simultaneously glided across a 150 yard distance at an altitude of a few inches in perhaps 3 seconds to capture two separate groups of abductees in the Australian Kelly Cahill case. In that case it seems certain that the gliding humanoids had a clear line-of-sight back to their 150 foot UAP thus potentially allowing for uninterrupted beaming of the necessary gliding energy from behind them from their landed craft. Both witness groups drew the UAP as well as the humanoids similarly. Both groups were medically examined by the humanoids.

2) Gliding can be intermittent and the gliding altitude can vary from a few inches to tens of feet during a single gliding episode.

3) In a few cases the humanoids had one or more lights on their bodies-usually on their chests-which glowed ONLY when gliding was underway.

4) It isn't known how many gliding cases involved landed UAPs which had no clear line-of-sight to the gliding humanoids. My guess, from what I've read, is that several gliding events were out of sight of the landed UAP. One reason this may be important is because microwave power transfer can be significantly hindered by foliage and most certainly by earth/rocks. Microwave power transfer would be a top guess for how remote gliding power might be delivered if a clear line of sight from the landed or hovering UAP to the humanoids were available. There are several cases of humanoid gliding in bedrooms which was at-least visually out of sight of the landed UAP.

5) It doesn't seem at all challenging for the humanoids to balance or manage their gliding. The humanoids seem totally balanced and in control. They may have assistance in balancing from the source of gliding energy. They may even be temporarily stiffened during gliding.

6) The humanoids, in some cases, wear large boots which could hold gliding hardware

7) In two known reliable human abduction cases the abductee has found his shoe split open post-abduction. Anyone familiar with leather shoes and soles will know that it is very difficult to split a shoe sole through. It is possible (clear speculation) that abducting humanoids split the shoes routinely looking for gliding hardware in humans. These cases include the Barney/Betty Hill 1961 New Hampshire case (Barney's show was split through) as was the shoe of constable Alan Godfrey in 1980 Britain. I cannot think of another explanation-dragging of the feet isn't sufficient to do it. CORRECTION 04/26/21: In the Hill case Barney was dragged and the TOP of his shoes were scraped (per my discussion with Kathleen Marden). So only the Godfrey shoe exhibited the sole rip.

8) There are several cases of human drivers coming upon one or more humanoids, robots or stick-figures in the process of gliding across the road. It is hard to believe that these beings were unaware of the approaching cars. In some cases the drivers thought they hit the beings.

9) A 1994 Mufon study found that about 40% of reported humanoid motion comprised gliding versus walking or shuffling

So ill now discuss the two gliding reference of considerable interest:

1) "Mexican Taxi Driver Meets Saucer Crew" by Desmond Leslie, Flying Saucer Review (FSR) 1956 03-04 V2N2 page 8-11. (FSR probably was the very best UFO Journal ever printed). The witness was working under his broken-down taxi in the rain in 1953 Mexico at Cuidad Valley. He noticed two pairs of legs/feet standing next to the car. He got up and met two humanoids who had a very pleasant but somewhat robotic sounding discussion with him and eventually revealed after a few hours that they were extraterrestrials. They did not seem to be robots. The two were clad in one piece grey outfits from head to foot and both wore perforated shiny belts. The two humanoids also had metal collars and shiny black boxes mounted to their backs.  All three shared the car overnight till the rain stopped. The humanoids invited the taxi driver back to their landed UAP in the morning which was out of sight. Up to this point no gliding was witnessed. However, on the walk through the woods a half kilometer to the craft the three had to walk through a swamp. The swamp water/mud totally soaked and stained the taxi drivers feet as he sunk into it up to his knees. However the taxi driver noted that as the two humanoids walked in the swamp their boots pushed the water and mud away from their feet and their feet remained clean-and they did NOT sink. The driver also noticed that as the unknown force pushed the water and mud away from the humanoids feet that a light strapped to each humanoids chest glowed brightly. The light glowed only when the mysterious force field in the humanoids feet was active. This observation seems to demonstrate a boot(?)-based force field coupled to a chest mounted apparatus. It could be the glowing light indicated either the reception of beamed energy for gliding or simply the activation of the on-body energy source for gliding. This case and witness were rigorously investigated and found to be reliable. The humanoids craft was 40 feet in diameter and had three landing balls on the bottom. The taxi driver declined to board the craft and the humanoids departed in the craft. I note that the craft performed the pendulum motion during its initial climb as explained elsewhere on this website. Im not going to discuss the nature of the force field at this time as it is likely related to the UAP propulsion method which will be a future subject down the road. I note also the clear possibility that an energy beam from the landed UAP might directly levitate the humanoids. We know that cars, horses and cattle can be lifted by UFOs at-least from above. Travis Walton, among others (including Kelly Cahill) were thrown backwards by energy beams. In the Walton and Cahill cases there was a clear line of sight from the UAP to the person struck by the beam. I suspect that some humanoids can typically themselves levitate using on-body hardware regardless of how it is powered. I also don't rule out that the repulsion force, if body sourced, may be emitted by larger portions of the humanoids body than just the feet/boots. It may be that only "advanced" beings can glide.

2) Location. Cerro Del Hierro, Sevilla Spain, Date: January 2001, Time: 1700

 A family of four that included a 19-year old daughter and a 13-year-old son had gone out to picnic in a rugged abandoned strip mine area. As they walked towards the nearby edge of the mining gorge, after parking their vehicle, they noticed a bright flash of light from behind a nearby hill, and then there was a loud sound resembling exploding firecrackers. The 13-year old boy hopped on his bicycle and began approaching the area. Being dangerous terrain, his father prevented him from going any further. Again the loud exploding sounds were heard. The family then arrived at the edge of the strip-mining gorge and soon noticed two strangely dress figures at the bottom of the gorge, who appeared to be digging or surveying the terrain. As they watched the two figures another bright flash of light emanated from behind a path directly above the figures. As the witnesses approached the edge of the gorge, the two figures suddenly turned around and stared at them. The family then noticed that the figures were wearing dull gray colored coveralls. They seemed to be wearing some sort of masks that prevented the witnesses from seeing any facial features. But the girl thought that their heads were somewhat larger than normal. Apparently startled by the sudden intrusion of the family, the two figures began to leave the area using very quick and inhuman movements, one of them traversing a distance of 300 meters in a matter of seconds. The other figure, using several vertical jumps of more than 30 meters each, climbed the rocky wall of the gorge. The two figures were now level with the witnesses, and standing across the gorge about 600 yards away. At this point the bright flashes behind the path increased in intensity and in numbers. The father then approached the edge of the gorge and saw more flashes at the bottom of the gorge. Suddenly two more similarly garbed beings appeared, these seem to glide about 50 cm above the ground and were carrying something very bright in their hands. These two new figures stopped briefly and looked at the witnesses, then followed the path, which the other two humanoids had taken. Their bodies appear to give off bright flashes of light. Suddenly one of the figures, again using very quick movements, glided back down the bottom of the gorge and seem to search for something, in seconds it returned back to join the others. At this point the family became hysterical, the mother feeling an intense pressure in her eardrums. The two younger members were screaming hysterically and all felt drained of energy. Suddenly a metallic gray oval shaped craft appeared behind the 4 humanoids, and descended to about a meter from the ground. The four humanoids then disappeared into the object in an unknown manner, since no opening was seen. The family thought that the object must have been larger inside as to what appeared to be in the outside. The craft then suddenly flashed and shot away at angle disappearing at tremendous speed.

  I note for this case the flashes seen may be transmittals of gliding energy from a landed or hovering UAP. Note the grey overalls similar to the above taxi driver case in Mexico. Note the jumping ability in addition to the very rapid gliding similar to the Australian Kelly Cahill case. Also note the late arriving UAP-was it in the air feeding gliding energy during the humanoids fleeing before landing to pick them up?

Credit: The Humanoid Contact Database :
Humanoid Reports - 2001
Complied By Albert S. Rosales

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