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Delphos White Landing Ring  12/19/20


Jack Sliwa- Technologist

     More than one UAP or UFO landing has involved the leaving of a white powdery ground-penetrating ring. Clearly the most famous case is the 1971 Delphos Kansas case wherein a farm boy saw, close up, a brilliant UFO land near his barn among the trees. The UFO left a glowing white ring at that spot which his parents also witnessed and photographed. The ring penetrated the ground several inches for years afterwards. The infrared FTIR analysis of that white material was capably performed by Phyllis Budinger of Frontier Analysis years later on saved samples. See her report UT001 available on the Black Vault site.

    A second very similar ring (actually several rings) were again left in a farmers field in Pine Creek Oregon in May 1995. The unusual thing about these rings is that they were not found until after they were turned up by the farmer's plowing of the field. The UFOs were not witnessed. What was impressive was that again the white rings had penetrated the ground which can easily be seen in the photo provided again by Phyllis Budinger of Frontier Research in her report UT021 also available on the Black Vault site. Note that multiple rings would indicate multiple simultaneous or sequential independent landings by one or more UFOs.

  The two above reports by Phyllis Budinger correctly indicate that the white material is calcium oxalate. They also indicate that rotting vegetation or damp compost frequently shows such white calcium oxalate powder under its surface forming naturally over time.

  However what has not been explained is why the ring-shape as opposed to just some random blotches all around the landing site including away from the site. Why only at the ring landing site and why as a ring?

  The author herein believes first that of course the FTIR calcium oxalate compositional analysis is well done. But the reason for the ring shape is because the hovering UFO injected ozone (O3 and O2) ions into the ground. Of course the ozone capably "oxalated" every bit of calcium in the ring shaped path to a depth of several inches in both cases. We know UFOs produce ozone and we know that UFOs have electric fields that could accelerate the ozone ions into the modest-density ground to a depth of several inches. 

  This explanation, which is also certainly testable on similar soil samples using accelerated ozone and oxygen ions, verifies the reality that both cases involved actual UFOs. The "fibrous" white structures may be the roots (or the coated roots) themselves. If not they are an example of undersurface oxalate crystal growth under the  influence of the injected energy and oxygen.

  There is also a logical alternative explanation.  That is the UFO was emitting calcium oxalate first because there was plenty of ozone and second because the craft had agglomerated a film of calcium based inorganic dust known to reside in the troposphere as well as in interstellar space. The calcium oxalate was ionized and accelerated into the ground.

  The broken tree branch stub mentioned in the following YOUTUBE video and in the photo the family took right after the event of the glowing ring/branch shows white material all over the branch. Thus either explanation would work for the branch but wherein if only ozone was being thrown downwards (not calcium) then the ozone turned calcium based species already in the branch into calcium oxalate.




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