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Carl Higdon Bullet Phenomenon Explained  03/18/21


Jack Sliwa- Technologist

     A hunter in 1974 in the Medicine Bow National Forest fires his hunting rifle at an elk. The copper jacketed bullet literally slowly falls to the ground only 50 feet away as if it were going through jello. There is absolute silence-no rifle shot is heard nor are any nature sounds. Carl Higdon also noticed that the rifle had no recoil during that one shot. The police could not explain how the bullet was literally turned inside out-let alone the abduction event Carl described and passed a lie-detector test for. His car was found miles away in a wooded thicket where it could not have been driven. The alien had been standing next to a tree near Carl during the shot and Carl noticed him after the shot. The alien had a cone-shaped (EM antenna?) object on or in-place of one of its hands.

    First, let me give two web links here so that the reader may first fully review this amazing case. Please do read them before proceeding to the logical explanation of the weird bullet and recoil behavior fully supporting his account.

  A simple fact of physics that has been known for a very long time is that if you pass a metallic nonmagnetic object through an intense magnetic field the objects's movement will be greatly resisted. This is simply because the metallic object develops eddy currents due to its cutting magnetic flux lines of the surrounding applied field. Those eddy currents produce very strong counteracting magnetic fields to the applied field. Thus if the magnetic field is strong enough (Tesla or more range) it requires significant force to pass the metallic object through the applied field. Further, if you let go of the metallic object it will slowly drop to the bottom of the magnet chamber. The author has himself conducted such experiments in a 7 Tesla field using aluminum objects as part of an unrelated medical imaging modality investigation almost 20 years ago. Numerous similar YouTube videos show this effect. 

  The magnitude of the forces is related to how strong the eddy currents are which in turn depends on the electrical conductivity of the object being moved. Secondly, the eddy currents will align within the metallic object such that their own reactive magnetic fields are cancelling the original applied field. Such ganged common alignment is easiest when the metallic object is larger and no single dimension of the object is small-as for a large thin plate. For thin shells of metallic material the eddy currents are greatly subdued by the confining near surfaces as well as are a function of the orientation of each object portion to the applied field. Note that a curved thin metal shell cannot all have favorable angles.

  So the Higdon bullet was a copper jacketed lead slug. Recall that the bullet literally slowly fell about 50 feet in front of Carl Higdon, the hunter. There was also no rifle recoil nor sound.

   I believe that the rapidly exiting bullet passed into an applied momentary magnetic pulsed field-that field applied by the grounded UAP and/or Ausso 1 the visiting alien being. As stated above the bulky lead slug portion developed huge resistance to motion due to eddy currents in the lead portion. Similarly the copper jacket did the same however the thin shell curved shape of the jacket greatly subdued eddy currents in the jacket even though the copper has higher conductivity than the lead. That results in the lead filler portion being slowed much more per unit volume that the copper jacket. The copper jacket was actually also braked by its attachment to the lead and the copper jacket thereby turned itself inside out. That is virtually impossible in any other known manner when if fired in the atmosphere. The lead slug was not found but it was likely close to Carl. The copper jacket was found by Carl and examined by the police who could not give any natural or known explanation and who also concluded that the bullet did not hit anything.

   So it turns out that Carl Higdon did a great scientific experiment without knowing it. To me this is very strong evidence that perfectly fits known physics-albeit not widely known to the average person.

  There is a second potential effect on the bullet due to the intense pulsed magnetic field. This effect acts on even a stationary bullet. That is the diamagnetic effect. Lead and copper are diamagnetic meaning they are repelled from the strongest portion of an intense gradient magnetic field. Lead has a diamagnetic value off -23 whereas copper has a diamagnetic value of -5.5. That means that, ignoring density, the lead will be repelled (slowed to a stop) about four times more than the copper presuming the magnetic field maximum is in front of the flying bullet. That would also cause the copper to peel forward from the interior lead core. Further, the grossly flared-out copper portion will have large wind resistance and will itself also be slowed about one-quarter as much as the lead. 

  The eddy current slowing probably grossly dominates. It also explains why the rifle had no recoil. The metallic gun portions met large resistance when trying to recoil backwards. 


1) A ferromagnetic steel or iron object would be propelled at great velocity in such a field IF it lasted long enough possibly hitting and killing someone as has happened historically-thus the reasonable strict rules for approaching strong magnets on a daily basis. That is similar to how experimental railguns work.


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