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Jack Sliwa- Technologist  11/01/20

 Ghost Rocket Phenomenon of 1946-7         SPECULATION-Presently Unprovable

    There has been a very substantial effort over the last decades, particularly and understandably by researchers in Sweden, to try and explain the Ghost Rocket Phenomenon. For those possibly unfamiliar, Sweden, and to a lesser extent adjacent Scandanavian countries, underwent a bombardment of hundreds of "rockets" which demonstrated intelligent behavior as by frequently maneuvering to accurately drop into small lakes and ponds before exploding. No verified trace of any such rocket has been found on land or in such bodies of water despite heroic dedicated efforts. In one spectacular case witnesses on a boat on such a lake saw a rocket pass over them then do a U-turn and come back and crash into the lake close by them-first floating for a bit then sinking. Much discussion centers around the Russians as to their firing captured V2 and their purported improved V2 rockets in a purported effort to intimidate Sweden. It isn't obvious that this is the whole (or a part of?) the explanation as I doubt anyone had in 1946-7 what amounts to present-day advanced cruise-missile technology. Further-even current day intelligent cruise missiles leave easily findable debris upon crashing or exploding.

   Here I will propose a radically different explanation. It is possible that a visiting civilization(s) studied the geopolitical situation around the time of WW2 and into the Cold War and found Sweden's difficult geopolitical position of strategic and tactical interest particularly in view of Sweden's necessary balancing itself between opposing world powers at that time. The "rockets" were what we would now regard as advanced single-use cruise missiles for monitoring (and possibly provoking responses from) Sweden and were somehow self-destructing without evidence.​

   This explanation essentially credits off-earth visitors with intellectual interests well beyond weapons systems or the battle of the day-which they clearly also had great interest in.


   Addendum#1 of 11/28/20   The following Wikipedia link provides a nice review of the Ghost Rocket Phenomenon. In particular I wish to point out that debris that was found was thought to be either "slag" or "meteorites". I note that at least the slag has been potentially identified on this site as being Angel Hair or agglomerate which has been combusted. Further, some of the the "meteorites" may have been molten metallic residues of UAP "rockets". Credit Wikipedia

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