Volunteering Opportunity 2- Explaining Strange Green Staining on Fingers from Angel Hair


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Why has "Angel Hair" stained some peoples fingertips temporarily green?

       A volunteer histology or biochemistry expert to provide expert feedback and suggestions is desired. You will, if you approve, be listed as an author of the explanation. You may, if you desire, mention the stain vendor or simply describe the suspected stain composition in generic terms. Alternatively, you would identify a suspected hydrocarbon solvent. It seems that this is a very logical place to start researching however what has actually caused UAP Angel Hair green stains may clearly have somewhat different composition than commercially available stains or may instead be a hydrocarbon solvent.

    Initial suggestion for solving this question (J.S.):   Histology is a well developed and vibrant field which has produced a vast array of stains which are employed to highlight specific biological tissues under different wavelengths of light including the visible. There are several such stains, many of them related with overlapping compositions or having more than one stain subcomponent, which are known to stain at least some tissue components visibly green for a period at at least one wavelength of illumination or excitation. Significant experience also exists as to how long such stains last in live and dead tissue and what chemicals or biological species can remove or neutralize such stains.

    Some of these known green stains include: Trichrome, Methyl Green Pyaronin, Masson's Trichrome TR1, Gomori's One-Step Trichrome, Cationic Dyes such as Azure A and Ethyl Green which stain Carboxy Groups and Fatty Acids, Schmori's Reaction, the oxidation of concentrated nitric acid, Aniline Light Green, Copper and Nickel Oxides, The larger Acid Dyes for collagen, Mallory Trichrome, Papanicolrov, Fungal Silver, GMS, Schmori, Lissamine Green, Fast Green FCF, Janus Green B, Light Green SF, Silver Oxides, and possibly even the drug Icthymol. 

   In addition to histological stains there are several hydrocarbon solvents which visibly stain tissue shades of blue-green such as 1,2 diacetylbenzene C10H10O2. The following reference is a good place to start:  "1,2-diacetylbenzene, the neurotoxic metabolite of a chromogenic aromatic solvent, induces proximal axonopathy" by  M S Kim 1M I SabriV H MillerR J KaytonD A DixonP S Spencer

   It is clear that witnesses fingers were stained in a short time by direct contact with Angel Hair and that the stains went away or washed off over hours or a few days. This may indicate that it is the uppermost or a near-surface skin layer which is stained. The fact that apparently mainly or only green coloring is noticed by the stained witness may rule out many of the above stain types which are known to also stain some also-present tissue constituents other colors such as yellow, blue, red, black, violet, orange etc. These should be major clues. Chemical analysis of Angel hair may also provide clues. Again, rather than being a stain component the culprit may be a hydrocarbon solvent. There are a couple of cases of "green" Angel Hair falling (almost all fallen Angel Hair is whitish/silver) however it is not known if that rare fallen green color is driven by the same mechanism as the finger staining-perhaps it is.