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About Me

  Originally from the Boston area, I earned a BS in Mechanical Engineering from Northeastern University in Boston, Mass. and then an MS in Materials Science from Stanford University in Palo Alto, California. While at Northeastern University I did a CO-OP at the Charles Stark Draper Labs (CSDL) in Cambridge, Mass. where I worked to design and test Inertial Navigation Instruments. I was selected as CO-OP of the year by the late Dr Draper, Prof. Emeritus of MIT, inventor of Inertial Navigation and founder of Draper Labs. That experience also got me interested in related subjects such as propulsion, communication and sensors of all types.  


  I then moved to California to attend Stanford and thereafter spent 40 years beginning with Silicon Valley labs and companies such as XEROX-PARC as a Member of the Research Staff-I.C and MEMs Fabrication processes. (PARC is where the graphical interface, computer mouse and laser printer were also developed).  Then Intel and AMD (Advanced Micro Devices-Manager of Integrated Circuit Fabrication and Process Integration) and Trilogy Systems-Mgr. High Performance Wafer-Scale Module Development (with Gene Amdahl, inventor of the IBM 360/70 mainframe). 

   Next, for a change, I moved into the medical device field with Acuson, the original maker of high-end ultrasound imaging systems. Again my group's responsibilities were the designing and building of phased array transducers as well as Device Reliability. The highlight there was the patenting, development and productization of a disposable intracardiac phased array imaging catheter device AcuNav(TM) with unprecedented image quality from within the heart. It became quite profitable. I also had the privilege of working with some great dedicated people.

  From Acuson, after its purchase by Siemens, I then joined an early stage startup called Epicor as V.P. of Ultrasound Transducer Technology. There we developed a HIFU (high intensity focused ultrasound) disposable medical device for curing Atrial Fibrillation (AF) of the heart. We sold the startup, upon meeting all goals and getting FDA device approval, to St Jude Medical. After joining St Jude I Directed Transducer Development for Medical Devices such as 3D positioners for cardiac mapping and ablation catheters and ultrasound/optical imaging devices for such catheters. In the last few years I became part of St Judes CISC (Center for Innovation and Strategic Cooperation) whereat I was a Sr. Director of Applied Device Research-mostly on Catheter Devices. St Jude was then purchased by Abbott.

  I would describe myself as a now-retired broad based Technologist with 322 issued and pending patents across the world (list available) and more pending in technical areas such as integrated circuit structures and process integration, MEMs, imaging of several types including ultrasound, a variety of display technologies, high-performance microelectronic packaging, thermal control, failure analysis, microscopy of all types, surgical devices, catheters, sensors and transducers. My job descriptions, as time progressed, ranged from Sr. Engineer, Member of the Research Staff, Sr. Director of Technology Development and V.P. of Transducer Technology and Operations.

   Also, as a more or less hobby, myself and my spouse had our own Intellectual Property Company called I.P. Foundry (no longer active) primarily for filing our own I.P.

  My interest in UAP/UFOs was prompted by reading a range of credible authors and reports including Jacques Vallee, Olavo Fontes of Brazil, The Black Vault Site, the French COMETA Report, APRO Bulletins, FSR Journals, MUFON Journals, NICAP Periodicals and accounts of the McMinnville, Pascagoula, Oloron and torrent of blatant French 1954 cases. Further motivators for me were and are the extensive site, the NOUFORS (M. Deschamps, Canada) site, the superb Isaac Koi British site and Phyllis Budinger's Frontier Analysis reports. Most recently I read the Dave Marler book "Triangular UFOs-An Estimate of the Situation" as well as the Malcolm Robinson Books "UFO Case Files of Scotland" Volumes 1&2. If you have read a portion of these extensive case materials and history describing thousands of cases it it very difficult to logically conclude anything other than that some kind of visitation is taking place in which we have physical craft physically embodied here for significant periods and detected by humans, radar, optical tracking, trace evidence or redundant  combinations thereof.

   I did have one UFO sighting decades ago of a disk ufo doing a hockey-stick dive into NASA Ames Research Center and disappearing in Mountain View California. I reported it in a carefully prepared case report and drawing to MUFON.

  About 10 years ago in my spare time I began assembling a personal computer database of UAP/UFO cases and related materials as well as relevant technical articles having a bearing on my own or on my initiated team-explanations herein. That database is about 2.3 Terabytes in size and growing and is computer-searchable using complex and multiple parallel boolean search terms. It has been and will continue to be instrumental in preparing these explanations.

   Other hobbies and activities  include geology, archeology, aerospace, astronomy, reading, nature walks and lock-picking : )  

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