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  Site Purpose

  The purpose of this site is to communicate (a) testable explanations, (b) statistical studies performed on my multi-terabyte UAP/UFO database and (c) reasoned speculations for various puzzling UAP/UFO behaviors. 

   I will use the terms UAP and UFO interchangeably and what I mean by that are objects or craft which display behaviors which, to a trained or technically astute person, are well outside of normal aviation, aerospace, meteorological or astronomical behaviors and further are clearly not human toys or conventionally propulsed military or monitoring platforms.

  Specific examples of the above are objects in the sky making 180 degree U-turns, 90 degree right angle turns, "instant" stops/starts, clear following behavior of a witness or aircraft, silent static hovering, silent close-by passing, inclusion or disgorgement of beings such as humanoids or "robots", apparent materialization or dematerialization, apparent docking or rendezvous behavior with sub-craft, enormous size and very close encounters such as observed landings with trace evidence.  

   The community interested in such explanations includes the public, technical persons, academics, scientists, writers, authors, journalists, enthusiasts, political figures and government and private sponsored task forces all over the world. I think the testability of the full explanations (a), in particular, is unique among UAP/UFO related websites, books and periodicals. My goal is to explain, not to garner income from this website.

   There have been no technically believable nor testable explanations in the past such as for the centuries old UAP/UFO "Angel Hair" phenomenon or the "Falling Leaf" UFO motion phenomenon. The explanations herein further make it clear that some small fraction but significant number (i.e. 10%-15% or so) of perceived UAP/UFOs are intelligently guided physical craft, at least for a period, far in advance of anything current humans are capable of designing.  

   Where the small fraction of intelligently guided (the propulsion seems to defy today's physics) unknowns come from, whether from our or more likely other planetary systems, from our own oceans, from the future or even from one or more parallel universes doesn't change the reality that we have been and are being visited and that our technologies are comparatively primitive to theirs. It should hardly be a surprise that we aren't the most advanced civilization and that such visitations have been going on throughout history. The explanations herein do not attempt to explain the strategy or ultimate intent of our visitors. The first major step is simply is to acknowledge among ourselves visitations by one or more groups.

  I hope the explanations that I have put forth herein are written in a manner such that they are equally understandable, at least at a basic level, to all readers. Additional supporting references for those wishing to delve further are frequently provided. Some explanations may evolve or change with the often-requested expert inputs. I also provide addenda to all of testable explanations, statistical studies and speculations as more data is found.

  This site is not a blog or a site which sells anything or requires membership. It is purely a source of long-considered and testable explanations as well as a few statistical studies and  speculations of the seemingly impossible-yet real. The reward, if any, will be these considered explanations, speculations and statistical studies becoming the subject of study and discussion starting in the many online and physical forums where such subjects are now examined. Ultimately they should be included in a proper and honest government (or privately) sponsored investigation such as by JPL, Cal-Tech, M.I.T., NASA, Stanford or even by a sponsoring and/or investigating entity outside the US such as in France or Belgium where the UAP/UFO subject has been treated seriously all along and not minimized. Any nation, private group or corporate entity that significantly advances this field in an open-exchange manner will garner permanent substantial scientific and investigative respect regardless of their current status.

  As time goes on explanations will be added for additional UAP/UAO related phenomena. I anticipate having multiple authors for some explanations wherein very specialized experience in a field is required. I request and expect that any person or entity quoting or paraphrasing from this sites explanations, statistical studies and speculations both credit the author(s) and provide a link to this site. I hope this site helps solve this enigma.




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